Saturday, May 17, 2008


Well, its sort of a pseudo-residency program. If your proposal is accepted by the curatorial board here at Second Bedroom, you will have the option of occupying the futon to aid in the completion of your project for those long labor intensive nights. I also have a blanket and a pillow! The residency program is BYOB.

... and I can cook for you! ;oP

Saturday, May 3, 2008

How to get to the space


East wall

North wall
West wallThe room is aproximately 7 x 12 feet with 9 foot ceilings.

Proposal Submission

For proposal submissions please e-mail us at and we'll send you a space layout map. We are excited to hear your ideas.


Created by Chris Smith and Irene PĂ©rez, Second Bedroom is a project space that encourages risk taking and experimentation as long as the intended project can operate without resulting in the loss of Chris Smith's security deposit and/or an eviction from his apartment. Second Bedroom, located in Chicago's Bridgeport neighborhood, is an approximately 7 by 12 foot space with 10 foot ceilings and an intruding Chicago Police Department flashing blue light.
The initiative at Second Bedroom is to provide an individual exhibition space for an emerging artist for a specific project. The exhibit should not be of previous work but a place to carry out a project that deals with the many attributes of the space while relating to the individuals' art practice. Our hope is that artists will take this as an opportunity to help them develop as artists and to take initiative for promoting them-selves with the intention of advancing their practice. Second Bedroom is open for proposals from all artists. We hope to hear from you.

Check out the photos of the space or come visit us to stimulate some ideas and let us know what you are thinking.