Thursday, June 17, 2010


HANDSFREE publications present

Delivering the highest caliber in news and reporting from esteemed syndicated columnists such as Mr. Potato Nose and Ye Olde Peglegger, HANDSFREE’s coverage of local and global issues has become the go to source for credible news reporting. Covering an eclectic range of topics including pig’s milk, sports, porn life, child birth do’s and don’ts, Steven Tyler, pre-ski workouts, and much more. Come peruse all the issues including the new full color edition now with spell check! Oh yeah and FREE WAFFLES. Seriously. FREE WAFFLES. Featuring work by Ben Smith, Brad Rogers, Pete Sutfin, Tim Armour, Bart Jones, Rick Davenger, Chris Fetter and more! Plus-ALL YOU CAN EAT FREE WAFFLES ya Peepee face. BYOB.

Opening Reception: Saturday, June 26, 7-11pm

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