Monday, February 11, 2019

Atlantic O, Irene Perez Gil, August 2009

Atlantic O
by Irene Pérez

For Atlantic O artist Irene Pérez presents a conceptual and material exploration that investigates the body of water that both separates and connects the American and European continent. In Atlantic O this massive expansion of salty fluid and fluid emotional states are at odds due to Perez’s return “home” to Spain after a 10-year absence.

Irene Pérez is an emerging visual artist making work that explores place, perception, cultural identity, and language. Irene works on projects in a variety of media, including works on paper, fiber pieces, and installations. Born in 1975 in Terrassa, Spain, near Barcelona, she currently lives in North Aurora, near Chicago, Illinois. Her studies include work in art history at the Autonomous University of Barcelona and photography and fine arts at the College of Dupage in Illinois. Irene received a BFA in studio arts with a focus in sculpture and painting at the University of Illinois at Chicago in May of 2009.

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