Monday, February 11, 2019

by George, Jim Zimpel, February 2010

"by George"
new work by Jim Zimpel
Opening: Friday, February, 12, 7-11pm

Jim Zimpel exposes the scam, the myth, the hornswoggle, the hoodwink ,the great con of our most perpetuated American notions of landscape as it relates to "liberty" and American male identity. His large scale sculpture and installations acknowledge our collective fabrication of this myth with affection as well as acknowledgment of his position well within the effort. In other words Jim knows his way around the table saw, the cattle brand, the buck knife and the TIG welder.
Carrying on in this vein for "by George" Zimpel willfully inherits the aesthetic and "practical" decision making of his grandfather, Grandpa George. By the looks of it Grandpa George is a collector, a bit of a pack rat even, with stock piles of kitchen knifes, foam brushes, painter's masks and countless other trinkets and doodads all "systematically" housed or displayed by an apparatus of Grandpa George design. Zimpel closely observed the organization and construction techniques of these odd collections and adopted these methods to inform this new body of work featuring but not limited to ice fishing stations, golf ball collection containers, and other apparatuses for storing the weird and the cherished.

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