Monday, February 11, 2019

Getting Strong Now, Anna Campbell, November 2008

The spectacle, visceral charge, and cultural significance of boxing have been central to much of visual artist Anna Campbell’s work. For Second Bedroom the artist is creating Getting Strong Now, an installation part of her Making Contact project, recreating a micro-gym environment. The installation will have sculptural, video and interactive elements engaging the visitors into the environment of the boxing practice.

From the artist:
“My work as a mixed media and installation artist indulges in the guilty pleasures of romanticizing failure and idolizing drive for its own sake, but the high stakes attached to unromanticized failures, whose consequences are particularly disabling for marginalized people, tempers this idealization and creates a central tension in my work.”

Anna Campbell is a visual artists that currently lives and works in Grand Rapids, Michigan and is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Art & Design at Grand Valley State University.

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